As river traffic grew the vegetable dealers moved about a block from the old area.  The move was believed to have taken place about 1874, when the Eads Bridge was completed.  The industry expanded and the Market spread until it covered a 36 acre area where for 75 years it continued to operate.  Old Commission Row is now made up of shabby old buildings, most of them pre-dating the Civil War.

In 1947 it became obvious the Market would have to move due to the development of the Third street Inter-Regional Highway and the East St. Louis Bridge.

The project was financed by the St. Louis Fruit and Produce Association, made up of some of the produce merchants.  In August, 1950, work had begun by the Robinson Construction Company.

A government survey shows that Produce Row is a $100,000,000 business.  It employs 1200 people, requires 350 trucks, while 1500 buyers a day come to the Market from the North by Iowa, on the West by Jefferson City and Columbia, on the South by Cape Girardeau and the East by Indianapolis, Indiana.